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Bulk Water System Coming Soon

Osage County RWD #15’s board of directors voted to approve construction of a bulk water system. The Aqua Track Bulk Water system will be installed at the base of our existing water tower near the intersection of Javine Hill Road and Phillips Road (lat: 36.427179, lng -96.036298) approximately three miles north of Highway 20 on Javine Hill Road. Construction will be complete and the system will be available for public use on November 30, 2016. The system offers the choice of a 2” side loading port or a 2” overhead loading port and will accept either credit or debit cards for payment. The water rate will be a minimum of $5.00 which includes up to 500 gallons of water, then 1 cent per gallon after that.  The water at the station is piped from Skiatook's water treatment plant.

Proposed Bulk Water location

Phase 1A Capital Improvement Project

Two improvements are proposed for the purpose of addressing RWD #15 system deficiencies in storage and transmission. 

A new 300,000 gallon water tower is proposed along Highway 20 west of Skiatook to replace two existing standpipes that are not able to adequately meet the District's growing demands.  Phoenix Fabricators, of Indianapolis, IN will be constructing the tower, beginning in late 2014.  It is anticipated that the water tower will be complete and ready for operation sometime in the summer of 2015. 

A smaller project involves the construction of 1 1/2 miles of 8-inch PVC pipe along NW 88th Street east of NW 52nd West Avenue.  Pinney Excavation, of Skiatook, has been awarded the contract for this work.

Osage County RWD 15 Launches a Website!

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