New Service Request

Welcome to the Osage County RWD 15 Community.  To determine whether water service is available, Please complete the Service Available Request and submit it to the office staff for processing.  Allow a minimum of five (5) business days for our Engineers and staff to review.  Once the Service Available Request has been approved, you will complete the Application Requirements below. 

Please contact our office by phone at (918) 396-2552 during regular business hours for questions. We look forward to serving your water needs.



 1. After Service Available is confirmed, complete an Application for Water Service and Water Users' Agreement with the fee of $3,000.00 and attach a copy of your deed

 2. Typed right-of-way easement signed by the landowner(s)

 3. DEQ Septic System Approval

 4. Building Permit

 5. RWD #15 recommends the installation of a pressure regulator on customer side of meter

 6. Any road bore or line extension is the responsibility of the landowner

 7. Your first water bill is due before the 19th of the month following approval of your application, or meter set, whichever comes first.  There is a minimum payment due even if your meter is not set.

Once the Service Available Request has been approved, you may pick up an application packet from the District office or print print from our website.  Remember to allow 8 - 12 weeks for your tap to be set. 

Relevant Documents